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Cute and petite brunette Miss Tiffany dominates you with a man-size dildo. She wants you to suck it and stretch your mouth out, so you will be ready for the real thing.
I have a small dildo to get you started. You have been dreaming of sucking cocks before and this will help get you ready. This is the smallest you will ever have. It might look big to you, but it’s not. From now on I’m going to make you suck dildos that are much longer and thicker. I want it to fill your entire mouth until your lips stretch completely over it.
I love to watch you struggle to get this entire dildo in your mouth. This is good practice for when you go out and suck real dick. This dildo will help stretch your mouth out so you can get bigger and bigger cocks inside of it. I want you to try to stick it all the way down your throat without gagging. Make Mistress happy sissy boy and worship that cock.
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You know that you shouldn't but the appeal of a free handjob is too much for you to pass up. Tory Lane is seriously down to jerk like it's an everyday kind of activity.
Come on, bring your cock closer. You've already made the decision that you want to be here and well, we both know that means you desire for me to jerk you off. Stop beating around the bush. Give me your dick. That's it - see? Isn't it just so hot when I finally get to touch your big, hot cock and give you the attention you desire.
Close your eyes for me and just enjoy the sensations. My god, your cock feels so incredible in my hands. How have I gone this long without jerking you off? It does something to me that I cannot describe. I just want to have your dick in my control for the rest of the night. Are you ready for me to jerk you really quickly now baby? You sure better cum a bunch for me.
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Who could resist listening to beautiful Miss Tiffany? She just wants to help you, but you will have to eat your cum for her!
Wow. Look at you. I bet you spend your whole day masturbating. Oh, please don't stop. I'm not trying to make fun of you. I like how much you jerk it. I want to see you jerk it more, and more. Mm. Move that hand up and down like the horny little boy you are. Jerk that dick for me that you really, really mean it. Give me a little more. Mm. I love it baby.
Don't you love my fishnets? I love to dress up for you and make you hard. And when you finally get to that point where you're ready to cum, I want you to taste it. Don't cum yet though, loser. I want you to get jerking it for as long as you can before you finally explode and get your cum all over your finger for a nice hot taste.
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Kelli has heard that when it comes to getting guys off, you're the person to visit. She's a fresh-faced 18-year old that wants to jerk your dick with no strings attached.
So yeah, I'm Kelli - I turned 18 a few months ago and if I'm honest with you, I've never jerked a cock before. Call me crazy, but I wanted to give it a shot to see how good I was. I spoke to a few of my girlfriends and they told me you had a big cock that I could enjoy. Is that true? I sure hope it is.
Here, let me take ahold of that for you. Oh, it feels incredible! The skin is so different from what I imagined. I'm really starting to see the appeal in jerking dudes off. Especially guys with cocks as hot as yours. Do you think if I go fast enough and beg you'll be able to cum for me? I'd like that a lot, you know.
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Her name might be Riley Shy, but this girl is anything but reserved when it comes to cock. She wants to suck your dick and make sure you get the best blowjob of your life.
How about I get down on my knees like the good slut I am and start to suck your cock? Let's face it: girls like me need to get a good dicking every once in a while to ensure that they stay on top of their game. So I'm gonna take your cock in my mouth and get my tits out so you can really enjoy the full length of my delicious, fat cock.
Don't go easy on me baby. I love it when I'm treated like a little cock whore that needs nothing more than a healthy dose of cum. Treat me like a slut that lives to enjoy the face fucking alpha males offer. Fuck, I really cannot wait for you to dump a load of that delicious hot jizz deep down my throat. I'm going to cum as soon as you do it, you know that, right?
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