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Our own Savannah Foxx strips down and watches you do what she knows that you do best. Her perky little tits and cute face will be a great reminder for you.
Why hello there. Yes, I’m half naked. Do you like what you see? Maybe I should spin around a bit. Should I bend over? I see you’re stroking it. That’s good. Keep doing that. Rub the shaft and twist it. Twist it. You look excited. Maybe it would help if you imagined what it would feel like if I was sitting on top of you and sliding my pussy back and forth over your cock.
That’s it, now work the tip. Even I’m starting to get a little excited here. Should I rub myself? Does that turn you on? It looks like it does. You’re getting closer. You’re sweating and grunting. Keep going, work that cock until it explodes.
- Savannah Foxx

Let me wrap my lubed up fingers around your hard cock

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The day has finally come for Brianna Love to give you a handjob. She's really looking forward to getting her fingers wrapped around your cock so that you can blow a load.
Hey there baby. How about I do a little twirl for you so you can check out my ass? Yeah, that big booty is all yours today, but first, I'm going to make sure that I get you off with my hands. I love nothing more than jerking dick and giving it a little suck every now and then. Dick tastes so good, and I know yours is going to put such a big smile on my face.
Do you like the way this blonde slut is massaging your long shaft? Of course you do - the smile on your face and cock strength tells me than in an instant. Here, let me go a little faster for you, because to be honest, I want nothing more than for you to cum all over me. This dick is just ready to burst and I'm so lucky to be the babe jerking it off for you.
- Brianna Love

Let me show you how I will jerk your dick

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Kelli has heard that when it comes to getting guys off, you're the person to visit. She's a fresh-faced 18-year old that wants to jerk your dick with no strings attached.
So yeah, I'm Kelli - I turned 18 a few months ago and if I'm honest with you, I've never jerked a cock before. Call me crazy, but I wanted to give it a shot to see how good I was. I spoke to a few of my girlfriends and they told me you had a big cock that I could enjoy. Is that true? I sure hope it is.
Here, let me take ahold of that for you. Oh, it feels incredible! The skin is so different from what I imagined. I'm really starting to see the appeal in jerking dudes off. Especially guys with cocks as hot as yours. Do you think if I go fast enough and beg you'll be able to cum for me? I'd like that a lot, you know.
- Kelli

I want to suck the cum out of your big cock

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Her name might be Riley Shy, but this girl is anything but reserved when it comes to cock. She wants to suck your dick and make sure you get the best blowjob of your life.
How about I get down on my knees like the good slut I am and start to suck your cock? Let's face it: girls like me need to get a good dicking every once in a while to ensure that they stay on top of their game. So I'm gonna take your cock in my mouth and get my tits out so you can really enjoy the full length of my delicious, fat cock.
Don't go easy on me baby. I love it when I'm treated like a little cock whore that needs nothing more than a healthy dose of cum. Treat me like a slut that lives to enjoy the face fucking alpha males offer. Fuck, I really cannot wait for you to dump a load of that delicious hot jizz deep down my throat. I'm going to cum as soon as you do it, you know that, right?
- Riley Shy

I think your dick would be a great fit for my mouth

Andi Crush Sucking Big Dong JOI Blowjob

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Andi Crush loves putting a smile on your face and this video is a pure example of that. Listen to her tease you with her dildo and blowjob fantasy session.
Do you know how hot I am right now for your big fat cock? Fuck, I need to go and get that dildo out so that I can suck on it just the way I like. You've got one amazing cock and I'm going to talk you through how I want to blow it. So start jerking and listening: I promise that when I'm done, you'll be spent for a week.
Your dick is so perfect that it just makes me want to cum instantly. Whenever I have that hot cock in my mouth, my panties get wet and my clit just needs a small touch before I explode in orgasm. You know how hot it is to blow you? The way it tastes, the deepthroat action and of course, the final prize - getting my beautiful mouth filled with your cum.
- Andi Crush

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Do you like it when I'm totally submissive for your huge dick? I just want you to cum all over me. Here, let me jerk you off and if you feel the need to blow your load

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I really just want to see you jerk it, hard baby. But don't cum yet. That looks so good. I want to tell you when you cum. Do you think you could handle it?

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I just love watching you jerk off. You'll do it for me, won't you? What if i told you that what really gets me off is watching you taste your own cum at the end?

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